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Around Brandenburg Gate

Deustche Bank (got some good stuff inside, but not able to visit
France embassy. Got some story, but forgot
Beautiful park
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Used to be an empty field (dead street) Now full of buildings. A lot of visitors and street performers. However, don't know why got "Fa Lun Gong"

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Berlin, Here we come

Zoo Garden station
Germany city train
Brandenburg Gate
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We took a cab to Zoo Garden, the main train station in Berlin. It's next to Berlin zoo (didn't visit)
From there, we followed a tour group (free tour - FOC, hmmm not really, they accept tips).
We gathered at one of the Germany famous building (can be found at the back of Germany Coins)
The Brandenburg Gate.

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Siemens in Siemendamm, Berlin

transit, fokker 100
Tegel airport
Siemens Comm Building
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First week in Berlin.
Depart from S'pore on 7 May. Reached Amsterdam around 6am. Took Fokker 100 (Lucky is not propeller type) to Berlin at 9.20am.
Work at Siemens Comm building, one of about 10 Siemens's building along the road. But luckily, only 5 mins walk from te hotel.
One the 3rd day, after Thomas came back from oversea, Marten & Thomas brought us to eat at one of the more authentic German restaurant. It's actually next to one of the famous palace in Berlin, but we didn't know that till 4 days later when we visit the palace.
Main dish, all meat (sausage, roast pork, port knuckle) + baked potatoes. Also order 2 meter of beer. 1 meter = 12 glass. Each glass > 200ml. 4 of us only drank 11 glass. The remains taken care by Thomas and Marten. This is the first time i drank so many beer (3 glass). Reach back hotel, straight go to bed.

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5th day in Beijing



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